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You can find what license applied to an item on the item attribute below each item page. Here is what you can and can’t do for each license:

Personal Use

means that the item can’t be used for any commercial purpose or making money out of it. It allows you to use it for personal projects such as your own wedding invitations, for instance.

Commercial Use

means that you’re allowed to use the item for commercial use such as for client projects or create an end product for sale. However, you might not be allowed to embed the item to a server or use it in an app (make sure to contact the author of the item for such use).

100% Free

means that you can use the item whatever you want; no limitation whatsoever.

Resell or redistribute the items on its own even for free is prohibited. If you want to share the items, make sure to link back to the item page.

All items that are downloaded outside are trademarks of their respective owners. Make sure to check out the license before you use them.

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